My name is Isaac Joseph Zammit and was born on May 16, 1993. I'm from Hal Kirkop, a small village in Malta (a small island in the Mediterranean sea). Well I simply really love the Back to the Future Trilogy and I will go so far as to say that I consider myself a die-hard BTTF fan. I just love every scene of all three movies. I first saw Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III on television (the italian dubbed version actually) and I remember that I always loved the movies (the first one especially) and that I really looked forward to seeing it again. Some time after they showed all the trilogy in 3 weeks (one film every week) and I really enjoyed it and loved it. Some 3 years later, it was Sunday, I arrived home after a football(soccer) game and before I turned on the tv, I said to myself that probably they will show the trilogy soon enough and coincidentally when I turned on the tv they were showing Back to the Future! Unfortunately it was the last part where Marty was connecting the hook into the flux capacitor (before the "Flux Capacitor...fluxing" scene).Some three weeks later they showed Back to the Future Part II and then I decided to buy the trilogy on DVD. Actually it was just a bootlegged one :) Anyway one day I bought the original Back to the Future DVD from Malta and after some time (near october 2008 I think) I bought the whole Back to the Future trilogy on DVD from I saw all the special features on the DVD and films of course and from that day forward I became a Back to the Future Maniac:)

Coincedently one of the veteran western actors who plays a saloon old timer in Back to the Future Part III, Harry Carey, Jr, was born on the same day as me.Of course I was born in 1993, he was born in 1921.

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