Biographical information
Date of birthJune 1, 1985
Age (1985)0
Age (2015)30
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorGreen
Behind-the-scenes information

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Leix was born to wealthy Russian aristocrats in 1823, where he was trained in swordsmanship, honor, and how to play the accordion. Not long after, however, his family's prized diamond mine collapsed and plunged into bankruptcy. Stricken by poverty and in fear of being sold to the circus, Leix ran away from home at age nine and joined a ragtag crew of bloodthirsty pirates.

During the next twenty years, Leix circumnavigated the Earth and discovered Atlantis, which he sunk out of contempt. He also discovered Australia, but left almost immediately because the whole continent sucked and boomerangs are no good for plunder. While on his travels, he founded the city of Rome and carved Switzerland out of a meteorite, depositing it between Italy and France, just to keep an eye on them.

This one time, off the coast of Iceland, while fighting a kraken one-on-one with nothing but a steak knife to defend himself, Leix accidentally opened a rift in time and space when casting Firaga. He was flung thousands of years into the future (300,000 A.D., to be exact), when horrible insect mutants ruled the Earth. Calling themselves the Uurek'han, these titans had blocked out the sun with an organic smog, reterraforming the planet to their dank preference. Here Leix started an underground resistance movement, populated by the last remaining humans and a couple of dogs, who could talk by then. They fought in harsh conditions against impossible odds for years, and in one struggle Leix lost his right hand to a giant robotic praying mantis. It was okay though, because he is lefthanded anyway.

Many centuries and brutal clashes later, the small armada finally defeated the Uurek'han, destroying their smog machines and sending them back into the deepest reaches of space from whence they came. Leix lived in the future for a few more months, supervising the reconstruction of society and making sure France was never rebuilt. His duty completed, Leix returned to the present by punching the ground so hard the shockwaves made the Earth's core spin backwards at over nine thousand RPM.

Reunited with his crew, Leix continued his original quest of piracy. After stealing everything of worth in Europe and western Africa, he hung up his silly pirate hat for a brief hiatus and trained under a waterfall or in a Denny's parking lot (this part is kind of fuzzy), then joined a clan of Arabian stragglers in the harsh deserts of Scotland. Here he slayed countless dragons who happened to be terrorizing the land.

Satisfied with his work, Leix returned to his home in the center of the Earth, where he has lived to this day. He now rides in his DeLore by day and goes on "IF-Tech" at night.

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