The first time I saw the Back to the Future film series was in 2011, as I recall. Then again in 2015, on July on Spike (now Paramount Channel), as 2015 was the 30th year of the first movie. Then again on Amazon Prime, the first one on October 16; and the second and third on October 20. I then saw a marathon of the BTTF film series on Spike on November and December.

During October, I found out about the Telltale video game, and I had to wait until 2016 to watch the gameplay on YouTube. I then played the demo on November on the PlayStation 3, followed by getting the whole game on January 4, 2017, during the time Regular Show was still on the air. I finished the entire game on the 6th, followed by collecting every trophy from the 4th to the 23rd, a week after Regular Show concluded, and I'm still playing it this very day and finding hidden material and dialogue.

I even played as Marty McFly and Doc Brown in LEGO Dimensions. I got the Starter Pack on Christmas Day 2015, followed by getting the Doc Brown Fun Pack on January 20, 2016, then the Marty McFly Level Pack on February on the same year. I was really addicted to the hoverboard. Even characters from different franchises (such as the The Lego Movie characters, Scooby-Doo from the same name franchise, and Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

My favorite character in the Back to the Future franchise is Doc Brown, just to let you know.

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