• DevlinWhoAgain

    "Jaws" made you afraid to go in the water. "Jaws 2" made you afraid to go back in the water. "Jaws 3-D" was a new dimension in terror. In "Jaws 4: The Revenge", it was personal, then it was just business, then pure pleasure. Cyber-Jaws made you afraid to log on and Robo-Jaws made you afraid of robotic sharks. Then, Chief Brody's grandson assembled a super-team of shark hunters. "Jaws 10", it was man vs. shark vs. all the terrors of the deep. Outer space, then a prequel and a sequel to the prequel. And then, a new era in terror began. Jaws started a family, battled a Russian shark named "Ivan Sharkovsky", took a bite out of the big apple and learned about love from a mysterious stranger. "Jaws 18: Origins", the mind-blowing reboot. Now, the…

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