Vissza a jövőbe is the Hungarian-dubbed version of Back to the Future. The first rerecording of dialogue, by Hungarian actors was released on videocasette in 1987. In 2002, a DVD was produced, with the voice actors for Marty (Péter Rudolf), Doc (Adam Rajhona) and Lorraine (Anna Götz) reprising their roles.

Vissza a jovobe

Hungarian Poster


Role Actor Voice (1987) Voice (2002)
Marty McFly Michael J. Fox Péter Rudolf Péter Rudolf
Dr. Emmett L. Brown Christopher Lloyd Ádám Rajhona Ádám Rajhona
Lorraine Baines McFly Lea Thompson Anna Götz Anna Götz
George McFly Crispin Glover Sándor Zsótér Béla Fesztbaum
Biff Tannen Thomas F. Wilson András Sipos Zoltán Boros