Volver al Futuro II DVD Cover

Back to the Future was redubbed into various languages for international release. There were two Spanish language versions. The film was dubbed in Mexico and Los Angeles for Latin American audiences as Volver al Futuro, and in Spain for European audiences as Regreso Al Futuro .

For Hispanic America, the film series was dubbed with two different voice actor casts: Back to the Future was first dubbed by Procineas S.L.C in Mexico. Then, Back to the Future Part II, Back to the Future Part III, and a second dubbing edition of Back to the Future were produced in Los Angeles, California.

In spite of the fact that Back to the Future was redubbed, the one that is broadcast in most Hispanic American countries is the first dubbing edition.


Role Actor Voice
Marty McFly Michael J. Fox Roberto Carrillo
Dr. Emmett L. Brown Christopher Lloyd Federico Romano
Lorraine Baines McFly Lea Thompson Magdalena Leonel
George McFly Crispin Glover Antonio Monsell
Biff Tannen Thomas F. Wilson Víctor Trujillo
Mr. Strickland James Tolkan Raul Orozco
Jennifer Parker Claudia Wells Socorro de la Campa
Dave McFly Marc McClure Rubén Trujillo
Linda McFly Wendie Jo Sperber Alejandra Vegar
Sam Baines George DiCenzo Ricardo Lezama
Stella Baines Frances Lee McCain Guadalupe Noel
Skinhead J.J Cohen Ernesto Lezama
3-D Casey Siemazcko Armando Coria
Marvin Berry Harry Waters, Jr. Eduardo Fonseca
Goldie Wilson Donald Fullilove Gabriel Pingarron
Lou Caruthers Norman Alden Guillermo Coria
Advertiser in truck ? Guillermo Coria

Los Angeles

Role Actor Voice
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Jr.
Seamus McFly
Michael J. Fox Víctor Mares Jr.
Dr. Emmett L. Brown Christopher Lloyd Elgar Pedrini
Lorraine Baines McFly Lea Thompson Erika Araujo
George McFly Crispin Glover
Jeffrey Weissman
Jesús Brock
Biff Tannen
Griff Tannen
Buford Tannen
Thomas F. Wilson Leonardo Araujo
Jennifer Parker Elizabeth Shue Marcela Bordes
Clara Clayton Mary Steenburgen Patricia Pontón
Mr. Strickland James Tolkan Guillermo Romano
Leslie "Spike" O'Malley Darlene Vogel Erika Araujo
Ito "Jits" Fujitsu Jim Ishida Jesús Brock
Needles Flea Roberto Alexander
Ronald Reagan Jay Koch Guillermo Romano
Ayatollah Khomeini Charles Gerardhi Jesús Brock
3-D Casey Siemazcko Ulises Cuadra
Match Billy Zane Jesús Brock
Goldie Wilson III Donald Fullilove Jesús Brock
Boy in arcade Elijah Wood Erika Araujo
Boy in arcade Gladys Parra
Seller Judy Ovitz María Becerril
Taxi guy Marty Levy Roberto Alexander
Red George Flower Jesús Brock
Terry Charles Fleischer Jesús Brock
Western Union man Joe Flaherty Guillermo Romano
Chester Matt Clark Víctor Mares Sr.
Mayor Hubert Hugh Gillin Guillermo Romano
Photographer Dean Cundey Roberto Alexander
Saloon old-timer Harry Carey, Jr.
Dub Taylor
Pat Buttram
Jesús Brock
Man in saloon Roberto Alexander
Man in game Burton Gilliam Javier Pontón
Dave McFly Mark McClure Javier Pontón
Linda McFly Wendie Jo Sperber Marcela Bordes


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