Marty McFly Jr

Marty McFly Jr. wearing his pants inside-out in the Cafe 80s.

"Pull out your pants pockets. All kids in the future wear their pants inside-out."
—Doc tells Marty how to be fashionable in 2015

Wearing one's pants inside-out was a fashion statement of kids in the future, as Dr. Emmett Brown informed Marty McFly in 2015.


Marty had to dress quickly in the clothes that Doc gave him in order to pass for his son Marty Jr. — namely, a color-shifting lenticular baseball cap and an auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket, along with a pair of Nike MAGs; all of which were produced from a Nike Footwear bag Doc carried aboard the DeLorean time machine.

However, Marty didn't have time to reverse the pants he was wearing, so he simply turned his pockets inside-out and put something in them.

Behind the scenes[]

  • As can be seen in the film, Marty Jr. literally did wear his blue jeans completely inside out, as opposed to Marty, who merely pulled his front pockets out. Most of the "kids in the future" wore pants that were made of fabrics that were lighter than denim, and therefore easier to wear .


  • This fashion statement has yet to catch on.
  • In May 2015, the global creative project community Kickstarter campaigned for a product called "Outties" claiming to be the inside-out jeans from Back to the Future Part II. (See 'External links' section below.)


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