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Weeze was a thin-faced student who attended Hill Valley High School in 1985.


Weeze rode a skateboard and during detention tucked it beneath his books. When Marty escaped from detention, he asked if he could borrow Weeze's skateboard.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Weeze is not seen in any of the films, but is referred to in both the 1984 draft and George Gipe's novelization. The elaborate detention room scene was filmed with Eric Stoltz and James Tolkan (Mr. Strickland), but not refilmed after Michael J. Fox came on board in 1985. In the script, Marty sets off the classroom's sprinkler system, takes another student's skateboard and shouts "Weeze! Let me borrow this! I'll bring it back tomorrow!" It is not known who played the role of Weeze, or whether the actor appeared in another role when the film was finally released.