Serving whiskey

Chester serving a bottle of whiskey.

"Strickland had disappeared. The hall inside the school was deserted. But then Marty noticed there was a light on behind one of the office doors. / He crept to the door, and opened it a crack. The office beyond was broken into halves by a glass partition. The half closer to Marty was where Strickland's secretary had her desk. Strickland had gone into the far end of the room, which was his office. / Marty stepped into the outer office, silently closing the door to the hallway behind him. He could see Mr. Strickland moving around behind the smoked glass. It looked like the vice-principal's back was to Marty. / Marty quickly crossed the room, and tilted his head just enough so that he could see around the partition. / Strickland threw the Almanac down on his desk, then sat down in his swivel chair. He opened a drawer and pulled out a whiskey bottle. / A whiskey bottle? Mr. Strickland drank? In the high school? / Strickland took a swig straight from the bottle, then swiveled his chair around so that his back was to Marty."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 175)
"In here, we pour whiskey!"
" The barkeep plunked the glass on the table and poured Marty a drink. A bit of the whiskey splashed on the top of the bar. The spot where it hit the wood started to smoke. / Marty stared at the smoking bar top. "Actually," he confessed, "I'm just looking for the blacksmith." "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 66)

Whiskey was an alcoholic beverage sold in the Palace Saloon in 1885.


The Palace Saloon's most powerful whiskey was 180 proof,[1] which Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly attempted to use as gasoline in order to start up and run the DeLorean time machine, but instead it blew out the fuel injection manifold (though in real life, petrol cars can run properly on 180 proof alcohol, especially newer ones).

Buford Tannen spent five dollars on some "Kentucky red-eye" whiskey which he broke when his horse threw a shoe, as a result of which he shot the horse and had to steal another.

Doc tried some whiskey on July 4, 1885 and quickly passed out. On the morning of September 7, he repeated the process after losing Clara Clayton and passed out before Marty's duel with Buford. Chester and Joey made up a concoction known as "wake-up juice" which was poured into Doc's mouth. Doc's reflexes sent him screaming and dunking his head into the horse trough outside. Only after several more minutes did Doc recover from the whiskey.

Sometime in 1931, El Kid was stocked with many alcoholic beverages including McDermott's Canadian Whiskey. While there during June 13 of that year, Marty hit Matches over the head with a bottle of whiskey.

Whiskey was also present at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance at Hill Valley High School in 1955. On his mission to recover the Grays Sports Almanac from Biff Tannen, Marty observed through binoculars a member of Biff's gang, namely 3-D, pouring some Kentucky whiskey into the punch; ironically, the brand was "Early Times". At one point, Marty also discovered that principal Stanford S. Strickland kept a bottle of whiskey in a desk drawer in his office.

In 1985A, Lorraine Tannen poured herself another glass of J & B scotch whiskey while arguing with Biff.

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  • In British English, 'whiskey' is spelled 'whisky'.



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