Whitewall tires on the DeLorean

The whitewall tires on the DeLorean.

Whitewall tires, or simply whitewalls. were a style of tire used in 1955, which were named for their sidewall of white rubber.


When Dr. Emmett Brown repaired the DeLorean time machine after he and Marty recovered it from the Delgado Mine on November 14, the original Goodyear Eagle GT tires were rotting after seventy years of abandonment and so were replaced with new whitewalls. These remained on the car until Doc's 1985 counterpart changed them for steel rims in 1885 so the DeLorean could travel on railroad tracks.

The tires were Sears brand F78-14 with 2⅜-inch whitewalls retreaded by Goodyear.[1]

The whitewalls were later used for Locomotive 131 as a cushion to push the DeLorean, and were finally destroyed in Shonash Ravine along with the locomotive.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The whitewall tires are never referred to by name in Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization, being described simply as "big fifties-style tires" (page 34).
  • Whitewall tires were first made by the Chicago tire company Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co., also known as Vogue Tyre, in 1914 for use on their horse and chauffeur drawn carriages.



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