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Wild Gunman kids.jpg
Wild Gunman kids
Biographical information
Date of birth2007
Date of death
Age (1885)
Age (1925)
Age (1931)
Age (1955)
Age (1985)Not yet born
Age (2015)8
Age (2045)42
Age (2115)
Physical description
Hair colorBoth Brown
Eye color
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byElijah Wood and John Thornton
Voiced by
Kid #1: "You mean you have to use your hands?"
Kid #2: "That's like a baby's toy!"
— Cafe 80's in Back to the Future Part II

There were two boys attempting to start up the Wild Gunman arcade game in the Cafe 80's in 2015.


Marty decided to play the game in order to impress the boys, but was baffled when he couldn't find the coinslot and when asked, the boys didn't know what a quarter was. Marty eventually discovered that the game was started by a version of the thumb pad.[1]

However, it would appear that video games in 2015 were either controlled by voice, motion, or perhaps even the player's mind, as the boys were somewhat unimpressed when they discovered that players had to use their hands, and dismissed the game as being "like a baby's toy!"

Behind the scenes

  • The kids were portrayed by Elijah Wood and John Thornton.
  • In actuality, by 2015, game consoles such as Xbox's Kinect allowed for hands-free gameplay, by capturing a player's motion or voice.


Notes and references

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