Lewis' wooden basball bat

Lewis wields his wooden baseball bat threateningly, while Loretta looks on outside the door in the background.

" The father took another step into the room. / "Please, I'm sorry!" Marty yelled back. "I just made a mistake!" / "Damn right you made a mistake!" / The father swung the baseball bat. Marty jumped aside. The bat smashed into one of the girl's bookshelves. / "Dad, stop!' Loretta screamed. "You're breaking my stuff!" / But the father was beyond listening. He swung again, missing Marty but smashing half the bottles on top of the girl's dresser. Loretta ran across the room and started to beat on her father. / This was Marty's chance. He had to get out of here! He jumped over Harold, past father, daughter and mother, and ran from the room. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 102 and 103)
"Freeze, sucker!"
—Lewis to Marty

A wooden baseball bat was the home-defense weapon of choice for Lewis in 1985A.


On October 26, Lewis burst into the bedroom of his daughter Loretta when she screamed hysterically for help as Marty McFly, unaware he was in an alternate timeline, stumbled into his former bedroom in the house that was either no longer or had never been the McFly residence. Furious, Lewis swung at Marty mercilessly with the bat, but Marty ducked and dodged each time and Lewis repeatedly caused damage to Loretta's belongings instead.