""Your birthday's August 18th and your mother's name is Sylvia, right?" George shook his head, not because that information was wrong but because he was amazed. Had the fellow gotten a hold of school files or looked through his wallet? Was he a young cop or what? "Well?" Marty continued. "Isn't that correct? Isn't it also true that your father enlisted in World War I as a sixteen-year-old, was sent to France before they found out, and shipped back without firing a shot?" George nearly choked on his Pepsi. Someone could have gleaned the other information by looking at a questionnaire, but the story about his dad was inside-family material. How had this young man found out? "Uh-huh," George replied. "That's all true. How did you find out and who are you?""
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 91)

World War I was a war fought between several nations from 1914 to 1918. United States entered the war on April 6, 1917.

Arthur McFly enlisted in World War I at the age of 16 and was sent to France, however he never fired a single shot before his fraudulent enlistment was discovered and he was shipped back.

Courthouse Square contained some cannons from the war in 1955.


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